Duration: 1 Day
Departures: Programmed
Difficulty: Moderato

Guayaquil City Tour


In this tour we will have different points to visit such as the Iguana Park, its beautiful gardens and the famous iguanas because it is internationally known. The Cathedral of Guayaquil in the background shows us a perfect landscape, we will see up close the iguanas that measure more than a meter long and are one of the main attractions.

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Visit to Seminario Park or “Iguana Park”

Get to know the Iguana monument

Travel along the Guayaquil Airway

Stop at Malecón 2000

Hemicycle to the Rotunda

Santa Ana Hill

Walk through Las Peñas Colonial Neighborhood 


  • Seminario Park or “Iguana Park”

    Seminario Park is the real name of the park, but due to the large number of iguanas in the park that here is known by the name of Parque de la Iguanas Guayaquil. These reptiles walk freely throughout the square that coexist with all citizens. 

  • Get to know Iguana monument

    The monument was made by the artist Juan Marcelo Sanchez Andrade, is located on Av. Juan de Dios Martinez, this sympathetic reptile has become an honor inhabitant and an icon of the port city, thanks to helping maintain the ecosystem of Guayaquil.

  • Trip to Aerovía of Guayaquil

    To summarize the airway is a cable car that goes from the city of Guayaquil to Duran. This project began to be carried out in 2014, then it was presented as a project by the Municipality of Guayaquil in 2015 and finally its construction began in 2019 and currently is an activity that you can not miss if visiting the city of Guayaquil.

  • Stop at Malecón 2000

    The Malecon is a place of entertainment from beautiful gardens to monuments that is part of culture and history, some of these are the gardens that are formed of artificial lagoons and water pools, plus there are docks, viewpoints and historical monuments.

  • Hemicycle to the Rotunda

    It was inaugurated in 1938 and commemorates the interview of Guayaquil conducted by liberators Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin, has great political importance and Guayaquil being the main scene of this meeting, is considered an important monument in the History of latin America.

  • Santa Ana Hil

    A hill of 60 meters high, known for being one of the main viewpoints of Guayaquil, you will have a panoramic view of the commercial center of the city and the Isla Santay and Duran plus the Cerro del Carmen that you can observe by special binoculars, it is definitely a tourist attraction in the area, without the 444-step steps steps.

  • Walk through the Colonial Quarter "Las Peñas"

    Las Penas is a colonial neighborhood of 400 years old and is the first neighborhood of Guayaquil, being one of the most tourist in the Pearl of the Pacific. The name is given by the large number of rocks and limestone rocks that had the hill, when the Spaniards came in the sixteenth century.

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