Duration: 1 Day
Departures: Every day
Difficulty: Moderato

Cotopaxi Tour


Cotopaxi tour from Quito

Is the ideal choice if you’re looking for adventure in the Ecuadorian Andes while combining the natural splendor of the Andes. Cotopaxi, one of the most well-known active volcanoes, is situated in the center of Ecuador and has an elevation of 5897 meters (19.347 feet). It offers stunning views as well as the distinctive Andean Paramo flora and wildlife.

Where to Stay

Choosing the ideal lodging is crucial for a relaxing and enjoyable journey. From quaint lodges tucked away in the heart of Cotopaxi to luxurious hotels in Quito, we provide a variety of choices. You may be confident that your visit will be a perfect balance of rest and exposure to the beauties of nature.Are you prepared to discover Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s stunning wonders? Our expertly planned tour ensures an amazing adventure full with exhilarating encounters, breathtaking vistas, and priceless memories. With the help of our knowledgeable guides, explore Cotopaxi’s top attractions and get a taste of its alluring appeal.

Journey from Quito to Cotopaxi

Our trip starts in the thriving city of Quito, from which we take a leisurely drive to the breathtaking scenery of Cotopaxi. As we move from the busy city streets to the serene natural splendor that surrounds the Cotopaxi volcano, marvel at the shifting landscape.

Unforgettable Cotopaxi Day Trip

Our Cotopaxi day trip is intended to give you a thorough understanding of this exceptional location. Explore the rocky landscape, take in the lively Cotopaxi National Park, and be in awe of the enormous Cotopaxi volcano. This journey is the ideal fusion of adventure and awe at the magnificence of nature.

Cotopaxi Volcano Hike and More

The hike to the Cotopaxi volcano is just the beginning, you can also do activities like Cotopaxi Horseback Riding Either way you will discover the diverse ecosystems that exist here, from the unusual flora and wildlife to the impressive landscape formed by the volcano’s activity. Also, your tour will take you to the famous José Rivas Refuge, which provides details on the difficulties faced by mountaineers.

Guided Tours from Quito to Cotopaxi

Our guided tours guarantee a smooth and educational experience from beginning to end. Select from a number of tour choices, such as the well-liked excursion Tour al Cotopaxi desde Quito, to fully immerse yourself in this alluring location.

Book Your Cotopaxi Adventure Today

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary experience. Our Cotopaxi tours include something for everyone, whether you are seeking adventure, untouched nature, or a closer relationship with the environment. Make your reservation today and if you want to know more but you only have one day to do it we have Cotopaxi Banos Tour or Cotopaxi Quilota Tour so you can experience the Cotopaxi volcano and its impressive surroundings.

  • Pick up/ Drop off
  • Transport from Quito to Cotopaxi
  • Tour Guide
  • Lunch
  • Comfortable transport
  • Trekking to the Basecamp “José Rivas” at the Cotopaxi Volcano
  • Best view of the Cotopaxi Volcano


  • 1. Cotopaxi Day Trip

    Our Cotopaxi day tour begins in Quito. To start, the guide will pick you up at your hotel in the metropolitan area of Quito. Then, we will take the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. That is, we will head towards the National Park. Along the Panamerican Highway South.

  • 2. The viewpoint of Quito

    During our tour to Cotopaxi National Park, we will make a stop at a strategic viewpoint where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. This moment will be perfect for taking photographs and appreciating the natural surroundings that encompass the park.

    Before entering Cotopaxi National Park, we will make a stop in Machachi, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast. This stop will be a perfect chance to recharge your energy and prepare for a day filled with exciting adventures in this majestic park.

  • 3. Interpretation Center "La Mariscal"

    We will register at the entrance of Cotopaxi National Park, which is important to ensure the safety of tourists. We will then arrive at the "La Mariscal" Interpretation Center. Here, you will receive a detailed explanation of the flora, fauna, and geological characteristics of the park. This interpretation center will provide you with valuable information that will allow you to further appreciate the natural richness of the area.

  • 4. The José Ribas refuge

    We will head to the parking lot and prepare to start our tour. This is one of the most exciting moments as you embark on an ascent to the José Ribas refuge, located at a considerable altitude on the slopes of the Cotopaxi volcano. This experience will allow you to feel the sensation of being close to one of the highest peaks in the Ecuadorian Andes. After the ascent, you will have a well-deserved rest at the José Ribas refuge. Here, you can enjoy a hot drink, such as hot chocolate or tea, to warm up and relax while enjoying the breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape.

  • 5. Limpiopungo Lagoon

    Once you have recovered, you will take an exciting stroll around the beautiful Laguna de Limpiopungo. This place is famous for its abundant wildlife and picturesque landscapes. You will be able to enjoy close contact with nature as you explore and observe birds and other native animals.

  • Lunch

    After the activity, we will go and enjoy a delicious lunch. Finally, we will return to the city of Quito full of unforgettable memories.

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Our Reviews About This Tour

Cotopaxi Volcano tour!

We had the most epic and amazing experience with Pedro and Real Dreams Tours!!!! The day couldn’t have been more perfect! We were able to hike up to the glaciers and experience sunshine and snow all in one hike! Could not recommend this tour more!
Jesse N
May 29, 2023

Stunning volcano that shouldn’t be missed!

Pedro was a great tour guide and thought of everything! He made sure I had vegetarian options for lunch, and we even fed a llama at the restaurant. The volcano is absolutely stunning, and this tour is so worth it.
Kate A
May 11, 2023


We did the Cotopaxi tour and Pedro was a great guide. He is very friendly and personable. He found spots to photograph on the way to Cotopaxi which was great. He gave us time to enjoy and is very knowledgeable about flowers, volcanos and Ecuador. We drove to the end of the park road to see cotopaxi. Then we walked awhile around the lake and saw some birds. We had logistical problems with our luggage from our flight to Ecuador and he was very helpful in talking to the airlines to help solve them. Lunch was included and very good. A very enjoyable experience.
Eliot C
Burlington, MA
May 11, 2023

Beautiful Day

Pedro was a great guide who led us through an amazing journey in Cotopaxi and who accommodated all fitness levels. The food was also very good. All in all, it was memorable day.
Haslet, TX
March 15, 2023

Amazing Cotopaxi experience

The experience with Pedro was amazing!! Pedro was friendly, funny, knowledgeable, patient, and made us feel very at ease throughout the hike. The hike was medium difficulty and we were lucky to not run into any rain during the first hike to Refugio and the second hike to see glacier. 100% would recommend!
Peter Lu
New York City, NY
March 14, 2023

Private tour hiking Cotopaxi

My husband and I had an amazing day hiking Cotopaxi with our guide Pedro! He was very knowledgeable and super friendly and made sure we were ready to hike at a high elevation. We ended up doing great and having such a fun time even though it was cloudy and we didn’t get a great view. I would definitely do the private tour to Cotopaxi again and shoutout to Pedro for being so great!
Amanda H
United States
March 4, 2023
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