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Departures: Every Day
Difficulty: Moderato

Cotopaxi and Quilotoa Tour


Visit in one day two wonderful places on your trip to Ecuador. Cotopaxi Quilotoa tour sites that like the Galapagos Islands, Also have a volcanic origin. Do not skip the opportunity to discover these two beautiful places in one day. In our Cotopaxi and Quilotoa Full Day Tour departing from Quito. Where you can contemplate the beauty of the active volcano Cotopaxi. Thus, the diversity of flora and fauna of the Cotopaxi National Park. And the impressive volcanoes that make up the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. Also the viewpoint of the Quilotoa Lagoon. Below, we present everything you will find along our tour:

Cotopaxi National Park

The elevation of the Cotopaxi National Park begins at 3.200 to 5.897 meters. It is the second highest and most active volcano in Ecuador, after the Chimborazo volcano, the Cotopaxi Volcano. It’s localized between the provinces of Pichincha and Cotopaxi. Additionally, it is a very popular choice among mountaineering and hiking lovers. As well as those who enjoy being surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes.

Quilotoa Lake

The Quilotoa Volcano is located west of the Cotopaxi National Park, within the Ilinizas Ecological Reserve in the Cotopaxi Province, 170 km southwest of Quito. The origin of the Quilotoa lagoon is a volcanic 6 km diameter that forms a caldera 2.9 km in diameter and 640 m deep whereas an alkaline lagoon lies that measures 3.6 km in diameter and has a depth of 240 m. The most spectacular thing is to be able to observe the emerald green Quilotoa lagoon and in seasons of turquoise color

Cotopaxi and Quilotoa Tour

If you have limited time in Quito and you’d like to do the Cotopaxi tour and Quilotoa tour?. here we present to you the best option to combine the two wonderful locations in the south of Quito city. At the end of the Cotopaxi Quilotoa tour, you will be exhausted, but you will be happy to had made it.

Yes, it is true visiting the Cotopaxi National Park requires a full day visit, enjoying with time of the landscape and walking to the base camp or to the glacial hopefully of the volcano. Thus, spending full time in the Quilotoa for the kayaks in the lake lagoon making the Quilotoa loop, or camping in the area will be the best in a program of 3 or more days.

  • Confortable Transportation
  • Tour Guide
  • Cotopaxi National Park fee
  • Quilotoa Lagoon fee
  • Lunch
  • Visit the Cotopaxi Volcano and its wonderful landscape.
  • Trekking in the Limpiopungo Lagoon in Cotopaxi National Park.
  • Visit the Quilotoa Lake.
  • Trekking to the bottom of the Quilotoa Lake.


  • Cotopaxi National Park

    cotopaxi-national-park-tour60 km south from the city of Quito and 35 km northeast of Latacunga. Cotopaxi National Park is located in the province of Cotopaxi. In the Cotopaxi National Park is the Cotopaxi volcano. And its formation is due to volcanic strata formed over thousands of years. Dating back to the Pleistocene epoch. Cotopaxi is a young volcano and the most popular of all volcanoes in Ecuador. And it has a climate that ranges from 4 °C (39.2°F) to 15 °C (59°F).

  • Flora and Fauna of the Cotopaxi National Park


    Among the Andean flora and fauna that predominates in Cotopaxi National Park. There is the chuquiragua, “the flower of the Andean climber”. So called because it is at 4000 m above sea level. Also, there are grasslands, puma maqui, romerillo, quishuar, grasses, mosses and lichens. Also along the route you can find other animals. For example: cows, wild horses, hummingbirds, quilicos and curiquingues. If you are lucky you will have the opportunity to cross paths with foxes and deer. Also with marsupial mice, Andean foxes and moor wolves. Even a colossal Andean condor found in Cotopaxi National Park.

  • Active Cotopaxi volcano

    cotopaxi-and-quilotoa-tour-active-volcanoCotopaxi is in the area called “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. Its name come from the German Alexander Von Humboldt in 1802. The volcano stands out among all the landscape of the National Park. So, it has glaciers and perpetual snow starting at 5000 meters (16404.2 ft.). Also, to the north you can observe a huge black rock wall, called Yana – Sacha. Besides, the hike takes 30 minutes from the Rivas refuge you can reach the snow-capped peak.

  • Andes mountains on the way to Quilotoa Lagoon

    cotopaxi-and-quilotoa-tour-andes-mountainsThe paramo andino on the way to Quilotoa lake

  • Quilotoa Lagoon

    cotopaxi-and-quilotoa-tourThe Quilotoa Lagoon is two and a half hours from Cotopaxi National Park. Located in the province of Cotopaxi. Within the Ecological Reserve Los Ilinizas, is the Quilotoa Lagoon. It is an inactive volcano of 6 km in diameter, formed by a caldera of 2.9 km in diameter and 640 m (2,099 ft) deep. Here, rests an alkaline lagoon measuring 3.6 km in diameter and 240 m (787.4 ft) deep. The color of the Quilotoa lagoon is emerald green, resembling a mirror.

  • Trekking to the bottom of Quilotoa crater lake

    Upon arrival we will head towards the edge of the Quilotoa crater lake, from this point we will have an excellent point to take pictures of some of Quilotoa Lagoon. Also, from where we will have time to be able to go down to the bottom of the Quilota lagoon, upon arrival there is the option of kayaking in the Quilotoa lake, then the return trek to the edge.






Cotopaxi and Quilotoa Tour Rates

$ 229 price per 1 person, in small group.

$ 199 price from 2 or more people in small group.

$ 269 price per 1 person in Private

$ 249 price from 2 or more people in Private


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Our Reviews About This Tour

Wonderful day Tour


My husband and I had the pleasure of doing this tour when we were in Quito two weeks ago. Our tour guide, Pedro was wonderful! This tour is a full day tour with a lot of driving. But it was really worth it. Pedro was very informative and very accommodating
We loved seeing Cotopaxi and Quilotoa
Pedro made the tour extremely interesting and informative. We learned so much about the beautiful country of Ecuador. I highly recommend doing this tour. You won’t be disappointed.

Ann G
Coconut Creek, FL
November 1, 2023

Disfrutando la grandeza del Cotopaxi y la belleza del Quilotoa


Estuvo increíble el recorrido, la ruta justo definida para admirar los paisajes y también conocer el estilo de vida en las montañas.
Pedro es un guía espectacular, te va compartiendo durante el camino muchos datos intetrsantes, te va dando sugerencias/opciones sobre el recorrido justo para ajustar tiempos a lo que más te guste y es muy amable.

Sahari C
October 29, 2023

Great tour, awesome guide!


I scheduled this tour with my husband for our last full day in Ecuador. We were completely exhausted from all our previous activities but didn’t want to miss out on seeing Cotopaxi and Quilotoa. We also didn’t have the energy to do any more intense hikes. This private tour worked out perfectly for us. Our tour guide Pedro picked us up in his spacious, clean, and comfortable car for the long drive. He spoke English very well and is very knowledgeable about Ecuadorian culture and history. Because our tour group was just my husband and I, we chose our own pace and opted out of any hiking. We were able to see the highlights of the two locations, both of which were stunning.


Brooklyn, NY
October 22, 2023

Rare sight to see.

The crater was awesome. An extremely rare sight to see. I enjoyed learning about indigenous peoples and the culture of Ecuador from our guide during the trip.
Mary N
October 17, 2023

A must-do trip while in Ecuador!

This trip is a must-do! Two amazing locations, in one beautiful day. The scenery was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and my guide Pedro Toaquiza was perfect. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. I had a great time on this tour and would highly recommend it.
Karin F
September 10, 2023

Highly Recommended

Excellent tour with excellent guide and driver (Miguel and Jimmy). Very comfortable, informative and fitted the tour around us.
August 20, 2023
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