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Banos Tour from Quito


Experience the Magic of Banos de Agua Santa with Our Unforgettable Tours!

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure to Banos de Agua Santa? Look no further, because we’ve crafted the perfect experiences just for you! Discover the captivating beauty of Banos through our exclusive Tours from Quito, designed to make your journey seamless and exciting.

Take an impressive excursion from Quito to Banos in one day, a natural beauty a fascinating place famous for its breathtaking views, intriguing attractions and waterfalls hidden in the Andes mountains. The most impressive of them is undoubtedly the Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall, a genuine work of nature that

Nestled at the base of the volcano Tungurahua at an elevation of 1820 meters (5971 feet), Baños de Agua Santa is a captivating destination merely a three-hour drive from Quito. Renowned as the entryway to the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Banos-Puyo highway seamlessly links the Andean expanse with the lush Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

This crucial thoroughfare not only bridges geographical regions but also facilitates access to pivotal cities including Tena and Puyo.


It has never been easier to make the transition from the bustling streets of Quito to the peaceful embrace of the Amazon jungle.

  • Private Transportation.
  • Certified Tour guide.
  • Treehouse Swing in Baños
  • Devil's Cauldron Waterfall
  • Lunch
  • Indigenous Market
  • Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall
  • Treehouse Swing in Baños
  • Guava factory
  • Manto de la Novia
  • Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall
Our excursion from Quito to Banos day Trip. You will be picked up by your guide from your hotel in the metropolitan area of Quito. This adventure begins on the Panamerican Highway. Then, we will follow the famous route of the volcanoes. Also, along the way you will be able to enjoy a great view of the inter-Andean landscapes. So, if the sky is clear, you are probably able to observe the Cotopaxi volcano, Ilinizas and other elevations.
  • Tour to Baños from Quito

    The tour to Banos de Agua Santa starts in Quito. In addition, the guide will pick you up from your hotel in the metropolitan area of ​​Quito.
    This adventure begins on the Pan-American highway. Later we will follow the famous route of the volcanoes. In addition, on the way you can enjoy a wonderful view of the inter-Andean landscapes. In this way, if the sky is clear, it is likely that you will see the Cotopaxi volcano. Los Ilinizas and other elevations.

  • Salasaca craft market

    First of all, we will have a stop at the Plaza del Arte of the Salasaca parish. Located on the Ambato – Baños de Agua Santa road. Here is the Salasaca craft market. Well known for its handmade crafts, woven with sheep and alpaca wool. Additionally, you can find colored ponchos. And clothing such as: hats, sweaters or gloves and also striking colored tapestries

  • City tour in Baños de Agua Santa

    We continue our tour until we reach the city of Banos de Agua Santa. Once there we will do a city tour where you will learn more about the charms that this small city has. Also known as “Baños, little piece of heaven”.

  • Agoyán Waterfall

    In the Agoyan waterfall you can observe the best spectacle of the waterfall and we can admire the landscape that nature offers you. This waterfall is located 7 km. from the city of Banos, along the Baños-Puyo road, we find the famous Agoyan Baños Waterfall.
    This waterfall has a 40-meter drop that flows into the Pastaza River and is the highest waterfall in the Ecuadorian Andes.


  • Devil's Cauldron

    cotopaxi-quilotoa-banosWhile we cross the tunnels that connect Banos de Agua Santa with the Puyo. We headed towards the Río Verde parish. We will visit the famous waterfall “Pailón del Diablo”. And they are located 18 kilometers from the city of Baños de Agua Santa. Perhaps, from the suspension bridge you can appreciate the figure of the devil among the rocks. Then, the site is known as "Pailón del Diablo".
    We will walk for 20 minutes until we reach the "Crack of Heaven". It is a formation of natural origin through which you must lean in order to pass. Going down some rock steps you will come to a second viewpoint. Where you can enjoy the waterfalls up close. So, we recommend you bring your waterproof coat if you don't want to get wet. Here you can also enjoy its exuberant vegetation.

  • Lunch

    After, visit the Pailón del Diablo waterfall. Next, we will enjoy a delicious lunch and a refreshing drink to regain energy.

  • Tree house and swing at the end of the world

    After lunch we will go to the Tree House, 30 minutes from Baños de Agua Santa. Here is the swing at the end of the world. The site offers several activities such as: walking, photography and food. Similarly, you can enjoy an incredible view of the entire city. Additionally, you should know that we will meet on the slopes of the Tungurahua volcano. For this reason, this adventure will become unmatched

  • "Flight of the condor" swing

    Finally, we will visit the “Flight of the Condor” swing. This attraction located in Runtun has two large swings of 40 meters (131.23 ft.) and 70 meters (196.85 ft.). Located in a viewpoint at 700 meters (2296.59 ft.) high. In the same way, you can live a moment full of adrenaline. Where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape that forms the Pastaza River in its Advance to the Amazon of Ecuador. After a wonderful day in Baños de Agua Santa. Finally we will return to Quito.

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