Typical food in Quito, the best restaurants Top 10

In the following blog, you will find recommendations for typical food in Quito, the best Top 10 restaurants. Go ahead and try delicious dishes that will connect you with this mega diverse country!Our country is divided into 4 regions: coast, sierra, the Amazon and Galapagos Islands. Ech one with different climate, flora, fauna and therefore different flavors in their typical dishes. That is what makes it so special. 
Within this delicious Ecuadorian gastronomy, we have yuca, potato, camote (sweet potato), corn in different forms such as mote, choclo (young corn), or canguil (popcorn),  green banana. Different proteins such as beef, from pork, goat, guatusa, lamb, rabbit, chicken or the famous (cuy) guinea pig. Also the best seafood in the region such as crabs, shrimp, shells, fish.
 Do you live or are you visiting Ecuador? In Quito you have the opportunity to taste the best popular Ecuadorian cuisine and the tastiest dishes. Here we leave you a recommendation of the 10 best restaurants in Quito that prepared the most popular dishes.

Mama Clorinda-Typical food in Quito

With an excellent location, the Mama Clorinda restaurant is located in the La Mariscal sector, on Reina Victoria and Calama streets. Here you can try one of the dishes that our Andean ancestors enjoyed. The cuy (a kind of rodent rodent, accompanied by potatoes in peanut sauce and salad), seco de chivo, llapingachos (fried chorizo, fried egg and potato tortillas, added of a salad), fritada (fried pork), mote con chicharrón, ceviches (seafood with lemon juice), corvina frita(fried fish), guatita, locro, among other traditional Ecuadorian dishes. The price average are between 8 and 15 dollars.

Tradición Restaurant

If your weakness is chugchucaras (fried pork, mote, potatoes, ripe banana, toasted corn, popcorn, and empanadas), in the “Linear park” sector, on Amazonas Avenue and Tortuga Island street. You will find the best food in the capital. In a restaurant with 38 years of history. Which is liked not only by Quiteños, but also by Ecuadorians. You can also try the traditional barbecue and a large amount of very fresh seafood. For reference, with $16 dollars they will be able to satisfy the appetite of two people since the amounts are abundant.

Miskay Restaurant-Typical food in Quito

If what you are looking for is a modern and personalized gastronomic experience with traditional Ecuadorian flavors and attractive vegetarian food options. Miskay is the right place, located on Joaquín Pinto street, “Plaza Foch” sector. They rescue the typical food that has been relegated by time and transforms them into delicious traditional gourmet dishes. When you have, you will be able to understand the history of the country. Through the flavors and surrounded by murals decorated with a lot of history. In addition, Miskay has high-quality standards. The price average is from $ 8 to $ 25 dollars.

La casa de la Humita

If your plan is a little quieter and in the afternoon you crave a good coffee, but you would like to accompany it with something traditional from Ecuador. On Selva Alegre and Arellano streets in the North of Quito you will find “La Casa de la Humita”.
With a spectacular view of the city, a good viewpoint, a cozy and quiet place where you can taste the best humitas. Tamales lojanos, bolones, quimbolitos, among others accompanied for coffee time. Including healthy vegetarian food options. With a budget of $4 dollars per person you can taste a varied menu. We recommend you visit it before 7pm since due to the influx of people, some dishes tend to finish soon.

What are the best typical food restaurants in the center of Quito?

Hasta la vuelta señor

A restaurant in the heart of the capital, located in the “Plaza Grande” sector. On the third floor of the Archbishop’s Palace on Chile and Venezuela Street. Created from the most famous legends of Quito. Therefore, if what you are looking for is a place with history “Hasta la Vuelta señor”, is your best option. Here you can taste chugchucaras, fritada (fried pork), mote with chicharrón, locros (creamy soups made with potatoes and cheese). And a great variety of dishes that will make you travel to the Ecuadorian roots. In this restaurant, the prices are between $12 to $20 dollars.

Corvinas de Don Jimmy

In the Mercado Central, near to the old town of Quito,  is “Las Corvinas de Don Jimmy” restaurant. A business that started very small and now due to its quality of service and flavors it has awards and one more branch. It is an excellent choice if you want to live a complete experience when tasting the most popular flavors of Quito and live an experience with quality. Although they offer dishes such as ceviches, banderas and guatita. Their specialty is the rich fried corvinas ( sea bass fish, accompanied by french fries and a portion of ceviche). Prices between $6 to $12 dollars.

The best restaurants of traditional coastal food in Quito

Cevicheria Cedeños

On a sunny afternoon in the capital and you want something refreshing and delicious to eat. Here you can feel like the coastal region of Ecuador and try not only a traditional ceviche. But they are prepared Jipijapa style, that is, with a rich peanut and avocado. We know that many of the Ecuadorians are fans of encebollado (soup of a type of fish called albacore, onions, yucca, tomato, and coriander). Don’t worry if you don’t like onions you can also order it without onion, and the flavor is not going to change. Located in the La Carolina sector in the Coca River sector on La Rosseau and Av. Shyris streets.

Restaurants with traditional vegetarian food in Quito?

El Maple Restaurant

If you are looking for healthy options, but with Ecuadorian flavors, “El Maple” restaurant offers you a varied menu of vegetarian food in Quito. A place where you can feel peace while enjoying your food. With prices between $3 and $6 dollars you can enjoy delicious dishes such as empanadas de morocho, ceviches and stews. Located in the La Mariscal sector on Joaquín Pinto and Diego de Almagro streets.

 El Rincón del Gaucho

But if you are a beef lover and your companion prefers vegetarian food, “El Rincón del Gaucho” is the best option for you.

The discussions with your friends over food preferences are over,  here you can find vegetarian, vegan. But also meat options. You can try the best meats in the Rincón del Gaucho. Here you can live an incomparable gastronomic experience with dishes such as grills, steaks, ribs, and a great variety of cuts of meat. But also the vegetarian food options are stuffed avocados, soups, and creams. Prices range from $ 6 to $ 30. Located on Amazonas avenue and Isla Baltra street.

 The best night food plaza in Quito

 La Floresta park-Typical food in Quito

If you have little time and you want to try a great variety of Ecuadorian dishes in one place. In the La Floresta park you can eat dishes from the regions of the Coast and Sierra of Ecuador. You can find empanadas, morocho, buñuelos, the famous tripa mishqui, fried fish, llapingachos, guatita. All in one place and at affordable prices since $1 dollars. In addition, there are usually folk groups dancing in the park. Which will make you enjoy a pleasant experience. These places start opening after 5 pm afternoon to 10 pm night.
Encourage yourself to enjoy this experience and the best flavors of Ecuadorian food in Quito. Because your palate also deserves to be pampered and what better than in the gastronomic capital.


Is a traditional dish of pieces of crispy pork with corn (mote, choclo) and potato tortillas. If you are near La Mariscal, visit  ¨Mama Clorinda¨ restaurant, there you can try the best Fritada and so many different traditional foods. Located in Plaza Foch in Reina Victoria N24-150 & José Calama. With a budget between $8 and $15, you can eat very well.

 Tripa Mishqui - Street Food

Grilled cow intestines chopped with mote (corn) and cooked potato. The best and most popular place in Quito, where you can taste Tripa Mishqui is in La Floresta in Navarro Park. Where you can experience real Ecuadorian life with the cheapest dishes because sometimes there are groups of people dancing Ecuadorian folk music. With a budget of $3 dollars, you can eat very well.


Ceviche is a typical food of the Ecuadorian coast. Prepared with fish, shrimp or shell, lemon juice, salt, onion, chili peppers, also with popcorn and chifles. Zazu Quito is the best Ecuadorian fusion restaurant with Michelin stars, they also prepare seafood, grilled and beef dishes. Located near La Carolina Park, Aguilera 331. La pradera, New Town. Prices between $15 and $30 dollars. 

Where can you taste local cuisine in the old town Quito?

If you want to eat in a different place with history ¨San Agustin¨ restaurant is the best option. San Agustin is decorated with religious icons of the colonial area.  And you have several options to tastwe the most popular Ecuadorian dishes. Like: guatita, seco de chivo (goat), corvina frita (fried sea bass fish) , llapingachos (chorizo, fried egg, salad and potato tortillas) Juices with several fruits like naranjilla, mora, babaco and tomate de arbol and the famous paila icecreams. Located in Guayaquil N5-59 and Mejía Ec 170130, near La Independencia Square. With a budget between $6 and $18 dollars, you can eat very well.

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