The best in Montañita: surfing, beaches, gastronomy and Fiesta

Montañita in Ecuador is one of the favorite destinations for national and foreign tourists who want to spend a fun and relaxing time with friends. This beach is one of the most extensive and with the best waves for surfing. It has an exquisite gastronomy and a climate that is an accomplice of the nightlife in Montañita. If you want to meet people from other destinations and have a crazy time, Montañita is the perfect place for you!

What to do in Montañita?


The beach of Montañita has become famous for its large waves that can measure up to 6 meters, which has made it very attractive for national and foreign tourists, also for professionals and surf apprentices. 

Within this beach there is a rock formation called La Punta de Montañita, which also allows the waves to take a wide route, having the waves practically assured to surf in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Surfing lessons

If you want to learn to surf, Montañita is the right place for you! Along the entire beach, there are several Surf Schools for all ages: Balsa Surf Camp School, Shakabay (Surf lessons in Montañita), Montañita Surf Aloha, Moreno Surfboards

Surf lessons cost $ 20 for 2 hours with instructor and board included.

Surfboard rental can vary between $ 10 and $ 15 all day.

Yoga in montañita

In the morning you can do yoga with independent groups that are in the place or you can do it on your own. The spectacular landscapes of Montañita will be part of this event of relaxation and connection with nature.

This practice is so popular that you can find yoga retreats in Montañita, such as a 7-day package where you will not only experience the magic of yoga, but you will learn to surf, in addition to having a massage that will relax you and connect you with your healing energy. If you want to know more about this package visit the page “Book Yoga Treats in Montañita”.

But if you are going to stay for a short time, we recommend you visit La Casa del Sol Studio, where you can find yoga classes from $ 8 or $ 35 if you want it to be customized.

Paragliding in Montañita

Doing paragliding, you must hire a package with a guide that will take you to one of the hills that is around the beach, from there jump to fly over the entire coast and be able to appreciate the incredible landscapes and the town of Montañita.

The costs can range from $ 40 to $ 70.

Whale watching in Montañita

You can enjoy this great attraction in the months of July and October. Whales travel from the cold waters of the Antarctic to the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, in search of suitable conditions to reproduce and have their young.

Both tour operators offering boat services, as well as visitors and tourists, must follow the established standards of safety and respect for the species.

From Puerto López, 45 minutes from Montañita, you can hire a tour, at an approximate price of $ 40, that will take you to the open ocean for whale watching. 

Parties in Montañita

To find your ideal party you just need to walk the streets of Montañita downtown, where you can find bars and clubs with all kinds of music; You will also find the famous full moon parties (ritual to the moon with candles and dances), beach parties with bonfires, and outdoor music festivals. 

Prices at nightclubs tickets can vary between $ 3 to $ 20. During the day you can find nightclubs open for cocktails or beers. However, the party starts at 8 pm when families and friends come out to enjoy good music and a good atmosphere; the party can go on until 5 am the next day.

Some famous nightclubs in montañita are:

  • Discoteca Nativa Bambu:

This nightclub located in front of the sea, allows you to enjoy the party to the fullest and offers you exotic cocktails with unique presentations, for example, its Nativa Bambu waterfall. Also, this is one of the best places where you can celebrate your birthday.

  •  The Attic Bar Discoteca:

This nightclub is located on Cocktail Street and is characterized by being on the second floor. Here you can find tropical cocktails and typical food of the area.

Where to stay in Montañita?

You can find a large number and variety of hotels and Airbnb in Montañita, but it depends on the date and day you go, as these do define their price.

  • Hostal Casa Cacique Montañita: 

Located in the El Tigrillo neighborhood, is the Hostal Casa Cacique Montañita, which has pool services, free parking, bar, wifi, ping pong table, private bathroom with shower, board games, clothesline, among others. Its price is $ 35 for two people, including breakfast that can be continental, American, or vegetarian.

  • Montanita Chill Out House:

Located on 10 de Agosto Street, between Hostal Virginia and   Montañita surf camp is the Montanita Chill Out House, offering beachfront accommodations. The facilities have a garden, terrace, hammocks, shared kitchen, tour desk, Wi-Fi, etc. Each room has a private bathroom and closet, the price for 2 people is $ 28 and includes buffet breakfast.

  • Selina Montañita:

This hotel located on Guido Chiriboga street and Avenue Tercera, has an outdoor pool, gardens, restaurant and bar with dj, rooms with air conditioning and Wi-Fi, private bathroom, and even allows pets. Its price is $ 12 per person but breakfast has an additional price of $ 5.

  • Tiki Limbo:

Located on Guido Chiriboga Solar 2 street, is the Tiki Limbo hotel, a colorful establishment that offers free Wi-Fi, surf shop, restaurant, and bar. It is located 100 meters from the beach, has a games room and its rooms have tropical decoration with beds and wooden or bamboo floors. Its price is $ 35 per person and includes breakfast.

How to get to montañita?

Guayaquil to Montañita there is a line of buses to montañita (Coop. CLP, approximately $7 the ticket), in a time of 3 hours. 

Quito to Montañita it is possible to take a flight to Manta city, or taking a bus to Manta or Puerto López and from there take a bus to Montañita.

Cuenca to Montañita you can take a bus at the land terminal to Guayaquil and from there take another bus to Montañita. Prices range from $9 to $15 for each ticket. The travel time is approximately 7 hours. 

Baños to Montañita The company of buses “Cooperativa Baños” in Baños city where you can take a ticket to Montañita, with an approximate time of 9 hours. The cost of the ticket is $18, departure is every day at 19h00.

Gastronomy in Montañita

In Montañita there is a street dedicated to the local gastronomy, there you can taste traditional food such as: Bolones de chicharrón and cheese, Patacones, Empanadas or corviches made of plantain, Corn humitas, Encebollados, Ceviches, Fried fish, Seco de chivo.


  • Precautions.- It is advisable to be alert at all times, and take the necessary precautions to avoid incidents in Montañita. The Ecuadorian national police and the community work together to provide security for their tourists.  
  • Prices.- prices are varied but rational, you can find food between $2 to $10
  • Hotels.- There is a wide variety of hostels and hotels with prices ranging from $15 to $80. 
  • If you decide to stay indefinitely, you can rent a house or AirBnB for about $500 per month.
  • The length of stay may vary depending on what you want to do in Montañita; If you are going to spend some time relaxing with your family or friends, it is advisable to stay between 3 to 5 days, but if you are going to surf and enjoy the crazy life in Montañita, you could extend your trip up to a month.

The best time to visit Montañita

The best time to go to Montañita is from December to April since the weather and seawater are warmer. If you are interested in meeting new people and enjoy meeting many people, I recommend you go on that season.

But if you are looking for a season in which there are not so many visitors, your ideal season is between the months of May and November, because it is low season in Montañita and you can have a quieter visit, also the prices are more competitive.

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