Best Seasons To Travel To Galápagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a destination where you can travel any day of the year because of its great biodiversity and touristic offer. However, there are certain exclusive natural events that happen on specific dates, find in here about the seasons in which you should travel.
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High Seasons in Galapagos Island 

Galápagos flights from Quito tend to be more expensive in high season, but it is totally worth it!. The volcanic islands of Galapagos are one of the best destinations to travel in Ecuador. Because it has a perfect climate for vacation all year long. However, the high seasons in Galapagos have a sunny climate in the highlands, and in the east it is usually rainy. The high season goes from December to January and June to August. Making it an ideal time to travel to Galapagos and to observe a lot of activity of endemic species.

From December to January

During December, it’s rainy, and the entire Galapagos area turns green. Besides, natural events such as the mating season of the sea turtles, and the first attempts of flight of the youngest albatroz species begin. In January, the ocean waters warm up, making diving more pleasant. As for the natural events of the Galapagos species, the land birds are nesting. The sea turtles lay their eggs on the coasts, and the marine iguanas start to reproduce.

From June to August

On June, the weather is warm and rainy. The giant tortoise species move to the lowlands to nest, the frigate birds start their mating season. So you can see the male frigate birds puffing out their red chest, and the humpback whales are close to the Galapagos Islands. So you can also see them by taking a short boat trip. From July to August the weather becomes cold and dry. However, you can see a lot of activity of courtship rituals of cormorants, lava lizards, hawks. As well as the nesting of the American oystercatchers, the blue-footed boobies and Nazca boobies, and also the return of the giant tortoises to the highlands.

Low seasons to travel to the Galapagos Islands

The low seasons for traveling to Galapagos are more economical than the high seasons. It goes from February to May and September to November where the weather is warm and rainy. With a temperature that can reach up to 30 degrees (86 Fahrenheit). The weather during this season causes the sea to be calmer and warmer, so you can go scuba diving or snorkeling.

There are two low seasons to travel to Galapagos. The first one runs from February to the end of May, and the second one runs from September to the end of November. But in each season, you can observe unique natural events.

From February to March

You can observe the beginning of flamingo nesting on Floreana Island. The nesting of marine iguanas on Santa Cruz Island. The end of Nazca boobies nesting, and the beginning of the breeding season for Bahama Swallow Ducks
Furthermore, in the month of April a massive arrival of the Spanish albatroz species occurs where they begin their courtship. The giant tortoises begin their hatching season. While the sea turtle eggs hatch as well as the eggs of marine iguanas on Isabela Island.

From September to November

In September the coldest season in Galapagos begins. During this time you can see a lot of activity of Galapagos penguins on Bartolome Island, and sea lions in general, in their mating season.

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