Restaurants in the Galapagos Islands

In Galapagos there is a wide variety of restaurants. To enjoy the typical food and so in your day to day generate good experiences. In addition, the food contains a combination of ingredients from the north and the Ecuadorian coast. For example, potatoes, yams, seafood, and grains. You can also find hiding places or popularly known in Ecuador as “huecas”. Where you can enjoy the best typical dishes in Galapagos You will be fascinated and satisfied!

Then you will learn about the best places. Where a variety of gastronomic offerings are concentrated.

Restaurants in Santa Cruz, Galápagos

Santa Cruz Island attracts the most visitors. Thanks to its proposals within the gastronomy of Galapagos. Where to eat in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos? A few blocks from its port, you can find one of the typical dishes that you will love. The “maremoto” an emerald seafood soup at the restaurant El Pulpo. You will also see food from the mountains near the market, such as wind empanadas. The typical menus in most places are dishes that vary from $2.00 USD.

The Chocolate

Among other options, this restaurant is also located in Puerto Ayora. If your passion is vegetarian food, this is the right place. It has an excellent offer in vegetarian dishes. Also, breakfast, hamburgers, sandwiches, fruit salads, pastas, and lunches. The best thing is that you can enjoy the scenery from its terrace. Where you will observe pelicans from the port and fishermen from the area. 


With background music, you will taste some of the best dishes of the islands. Specialty dishes are those of chicken, meat, seafood, and pasta. It is a more expensive site, with rustic decoration, where they serve fish and fresh ceviche. Its menu also includes octopus to wine and fish in coconut sauce, which are among the most ordered.

Kiosk Street, Galápagos

But if the famous “huecas” are concerned, this street located on Baltra Avenue and Charles Binford. It is the right place to visit the different kiosks of varied and fresh food. The locals transform this into a dining room full of delights.  Here you can observe how they make the typical dishes with the wood of guava. Among them one of the best known: the witch fish, the camotillo and the Galapagos lobster are the most requested

Renato´s Kiosk

In this kiosk, the son of the creator Aracely, will offer you his service with the most delicious dishes. His unmissable rice with shrimp, seco de gallina criolla. And different menus that he will recommend you during the day.

William´s Kiosk

This kiosk is well known for its magnificent fish, lobster and churo encocados. William, is the culinary creator of this delight.

Where to eat lobster in Galápagos?

Isla Grill – Santa Cruz, Galápagos

This kiosk is well known for its magnificent fish, lobster and churo encocados. William, is the culinary creator of this delight. On Charles Darwin Avenue, inside the Red Mangrove Hotel. You will find the AlMar restaurant in Galapagos. Where you can enjoy a grilled lobster. Prepared with tangerine butter and Japanese wakame seaweed. Chef Fabricio Hidalgo serves his best dish with the lobster tail. Hours are from 12:00 pm to 22:00 pm. We recommend visiting in the evening. This option is the best thanks to the lighting from its balcony. That turns the place into an incredible atmosphere to eat. 

Il Nuovo Giardino, Santa Cruz

This restaurant is located on Charles Darwin and Charles Binford Avenue. It is striking thanks to its garden house facing the sea. Which is recognized for its 3 magnificent presentations: morning, afternoon, and night. Chef Cynthia Jouvin has innovated in dishes for all tastes. The Tropical Lobster is grilled. With curry sauce, red peppers and oranges leaving a bittersweet taste. If you want something more traditional, there is also the classic garlic lobster. Even if you enjoy a meal with family or friends, this option is perfect for you.  

Bahía Mar, Santa Cruz

Bahía Mar is one of the newest and trendiest places on the island. With schedules from four in the afternoon until ten at night. It is the ideal place to eat outdoors. While watching the scenery next to sea lions, boobies and zayapas. Chef Tomás Mejía prepares his dishes with the original flavor of the queen of seafood.  Grilled and accompanied with garlic butter on the lobster. Its presentation is served whole. Accompanied by avocado salad, sautéed potato and fine herbs.


The specialty of this restaurant is octopus and lobsters. They are known for their exquisite specialty dish that cures any hangover, “back to life”. Their main dish is steamed seafood.

Recommendation: You will find the best lobster dishes in their season. However, it is not recommended to eat them from January to June.

Restaurants in San Cristobal, Galápagos

Unlike Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal is a place with fewer restaurants. With an approximate cost on your menus of $10.00 USD. The specialty among these restaurants is busted shrimp. Also prawns with raincoat and batter.

In the streets you can also find a small supermarket. If you want to stay in your accommodation and cook with the family. There is a variety of foods.

In its famous “hollcas” or “agachaditos”. You can find restaurants for all kinds of tastes. Like Barracuda, which serves typical dishes such as fish and roast beef. If your passion is seafood, you can enjoy great ceviches at the Charles Darwin Boardwalk. Where you will find the restaurants: New Island and Casa Blanca. There are also places of Mexican or Italian food. And you can find it in restaurants like: Genoa, White House, and Miconia. 

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