How to get to Baños de Agua Santa?

The holidays are perfect for an adventure surrounded by landscapes and nature. It offers Baños de Agua Santa in Ecuador. You may wonder: How to get to Baños de Agua Santa? There are different means of mobilization from your location.

How long does it take to get from Quito to Baños?

Baños de Agua de Agua is in the south of the city of Quito. The private car trip is through roads. The main one: Panamericana Troncal de la Sierra (E35) – Latacunga – Salcedo – Pelileo – Baños. On this tour, it will take approximately 3 hours to reach the tourist destination. However, this time depends on traffic.

Public bus: To the south of the city of Quito, in the Terminal Terrestre de Quitumbe every 15 minutes, leaves a unit directly to Baños de Agua Santa. The transports you can find are: Baños, Expreso Baños, Amazonas.  In addition, the passage from Quito to Baños by bus depends on the cooperative:

  • Fleet Pelileo has passage with a cost of $8.00 USD and a frequency of departure of two units per day.
  • Amazonas Cooperative Transportation with a cost of $5.00 USD and the departure of buses is every 2 hours.
  • Expreso Baños is priced at $5.00 USD and its buses leave every 30 minutes.

How to get to Baños from Ambato?

Arriving in this beautiful city, it will take approximately 1 hour trip to Baños. Since it is the capital of the province of Tungurahua. You can travel by bus directly to the place. In transport such as: Touris San Francisco, Expreso Baños or Baños Cooperativa de Transportes y Turismo. The frequency of departure of each bus unit is maximum 15 minutes. And its cost varies from $1 USD to $4 USD. Because they make stops during the journey to the adventure capital; Baños de Agua Santa.

How to get from Cuenca to Baños de Agua Santa?

In the city of Cuenca, you can head towards the Terrestrial Terminal. From there, interprovincial buses leave directly towards Baños de Agua Santa. The most accessible route will save 30 minutes by car. Head towards the new road Riobamba – Penipe – Cotaló – Baños. Therefore, if you decide to move along this route, the duration of the trip is approximately 6 hours.

If you are travelling by bus, the following directions will help you move to the destination:

  • Your starting point will be the Cuenca Land Terminal. You can take buses from the cooperatives: Express Sucre and Transportes Patria. And Jahuay Transport. The journey to the city of Ambato lasts 8 hours. And the cost of the ticket is $9.00 USD.
  • Arrive in Ambato to the bus stop, where you will take the buses directly to Baños at a cost of $1.00. (1 hour).

How to get to Baños de Agua Santa from Guayaquil?

The starting point from the city of Guayaquil is the Terminal Terrestre de Guayaquil. Located near the José Joaquín Olmedo Airport. Cooperativa Expreso Baños, frequently travels directly to Baños. And other cooperatives pass through the city. In addition, the approximate ticket price will be from $8 to $16 USD. If you decide to travel by car, the recommended route is Guayaquil – Bucay – Pallatanga – Riobamba – Baños de Agua Santa. The approximate time to reach the destination is 6 hours.


  • Strictly take care of your personal belongings.
  • If you want to travel to Baños de Agua Santa by plane; there is no airport in the destination city. However, you can travel from the city of Quito by land to Baños. The duration of the trip is 3 hours.
  • Therefore, in case of traveling by public bus, you should keep your luggage close and in sight.
  • Ask for information about the price of the trip and its duration, before starting the trip.

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