Galápagos Islands ¿How to get around?

You must take into account that the Galapagos Islands are a protected area so you will need a certified naturalist guide to visit various places.

Therefore, if you want to mobilize within each island you will have several options.

The Galapagos Islands are a group of 15 main islands and 3 small islands in addition to 107 islets. In addition, they are located 1000 kilometers (620 miles) from the Ecuadorian coast.

The main populated islands in Galapagos are:

  •  Floreana, your port of entry is Velasco Ibarra.
  •  Isabela Island, its port of entry is Puerto Villamil.
  •  Santa Cruz, its port of entry is Puerto Ayora.
  •  San Cristóbal, its port of entry is Baquerizo Moreno.

How to get to the Galapagos Islands?

The best option to enter is to take a flight from Quito and make a stopover in Guayaquil or go directly from Guayaquil to Baltra Airport. Therefore,the airlines that make the most flights to Galapagos are Latam and Avianca.

  • From Quito

In addition,the duration of the flight is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

  • From Guayaquil

In addition,the flight duration is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

Therefore, the prices of the flights depend on the season in which the trip takes place. The high season in Galapagos is from December to May.

Advance reservations are recommended to find available flights. Arrive at the airports 2 hours in advance to avoid missing the flight.

 How to get around the Galapagos Islands?

You must take into account that the Galapagos Islands are a protected area so you will need a certified naturalist guide to visit various places.

Therefore, if you want to mobilize within each island you will have several options.

Bus Galapagos Islands

This means of transport is frequently used by the inhabitants of the islands. In addition, tourists can use them to go from the airports to the center of the islands.

 The existing bus lines are:
Galapagos Express on Santa Cruz Island; its route is Puerto Ayora to Canal de Itabaca. In addition, with a cost of $ 3.00 USD per person.

From the airport to Puerto Ayora the cost is $ 5.00 USD per person.

Cab Galapagos Islands

It has a load capacity of 1 to 4 people, its cost depends on the distance
Santa Cruz On this island we work with the following approximate costs:
Baltra airport to Puerto Ayora has a value of $ 68 USD
Puerto Ayora to Canal de Itabaca has a value of $ 35 USD
Airport to the upper part of the island has a cost of $ 80 USD
  San Cristobal On this island there are two routes

The first, called “Galapaguera” to Puerto Chino and the second, called “El Junco”, its approximate cost is $ 90 USD

Airport to Hotel its approximate cost is $ 12 USD


This means of transport is widely used along the Ecuadorian coast. However, although it can also be found in the coastal area of ​​Peru and Colombia.
Their approximate prices are from $ 0.50 USD to $ 5.00 USD depending on the distance to travel (They do not usually travel long distances)
Their capacity is 2 to 3 people per trip, they are also comfortable and allow you to cool off from the heat.

 Bicycle Rental

Touring the island by bicycle is one of the best experiences you will have since you will be able to visit places at your own pace as well as appreciate in greater detail the landscapes and nature that surrounds them.

On Santa Cruz Island, comfortable, safe and good quality bicycles are rented for a tour to areas near Puerto Ayora,

The approximate cost of the rental is $ 30 USD per person depending on the provider you hire, there are hotels and agencies that also provide this service.

You can request a guide for your tour or do it alone; You can also choose between a normal bicycle or a bicycle with electric assistance to facilitate your journey.

Take into account the provider’s indications as there are different bikes for each type of route.

 Horse ride

It is a new tourist activity implemented in farms located in the upper area of ​​San Cristóbal Island.
The tours are controlled by specific trails.
You will be able to appreciate the beauty of the island from a new modality and watch birds and other species typical of the Galapagos Islands.

 How to get from one island to another in Galapagos?

If you want to transport yourself between the Galapagos Islands, it is necessary to use speed boats or light aircraft.

Speed boat transportation
They are taken from the main port of each island with a capacity of 20 to 40 passengers.

The duration of the trip is approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on the sea conditions. Between January to June, the conditions are more stable while between July to December, the swell is stronger.

Therefore, the cost of the trip is from $ 25 USD to $ 40 USD depending on the distance; the tickets can be obtained in the authorized agencies near the ports.

The schedules
Similarly, it should be taken into account that for the Santa Cruz – Floreana and Floreana – Santa Cruz routes it will only be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Plane transport
Similarly, there are two airlines Emetebe and Fly Galapagos that fly between the 3 airports of the Galapagos Islands; Santa Cruz (Baltra), San Cristóbal and Isabela. The planes have a maximum capacity of 6 to 9 passengers.

There are one to two flights a day between the 3 islands.

Moreover, the duration is from 30 minutes to 1 hour approximately.

Similarly, the price is from $ 150 USD to $ 240 USD.

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