Ecuadorian Amazon: 9 Most Extravagant Typical Foods and Drinks

The Ecuadorian Amazon is known for its great natural and cultural diversity. In this region, you can enjoy wonderful natural landscapes and unique meals that are typical of the region. But if you ask yourself, how bizarre can their cuisine be? Relax, in the following blog, we will tell you about the 9 most extravagant typical food of Ecuadorian Amazon and Beverages of the Ecuadorian East.

Some of the typical dishes of the region are made with local species. For this reason, in some remote areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon, it is very common the consumption of animals such as monkeys, guanta (lowland paca), tapirs, parrots, piranhas, and catfish. These dishes are usually accompanied by tubers such as cassava (yuca) and the Taro plant (Colocasia esculenta). Here are some of the typical dishes of the region: Typical Food Ecuadorian Amazon


Ecuadorian Amazon Typical Food

Guanta Broth

Typical Food Ecuadorian Amazon - Guanta Broth

The Guanta (lowland paca) is a typical rodent of the Ecuadorian Amazon that lives in high forests or on the banks of rivers. This animal feeds on seeds, tubers, and fruits.  As a result, your meat is a food with a high nutritional value and a great source of protein.

Local people often consume Guanta meat in various presentations. Being the smoked guanta the best-known presentation. However, despite its strange name, its flavor is incomparable. The price of this dish ranges from $5.00 – $10.00 depending on the area where it is consumed.

Grilled  Chontacuro

Typical Food Ecuadorian Amazon - Grilled Chontacuro
The mayones or chontacuros are worms that grow in the Palm of Chonta. Their approximate size is 7 cm. They have a high content of natural fat and they also have healing qualities for malnutrition and respiratory problems.
Mayones are part of the food diet of the Amazonian peoples because they are nutritious and have a pleasant taste. They are usually eaten roasted on skewers but they are also sold live and processed as mayon butter.
The price of a skewer with 5 mayones has an approximate cost of $ 3.00 USD.

Heart of palm ceviche

The palm heart is extracted from the chonta palm tree. It is consumed for its low fat content and a great source of fiber that helps prevent colon cancer. Keep blood glucose stable and regulate the intestinal process.
 Ceviche is a delicious way to consume hearts of palm. Since its ingredients include lemon juice, red onions, chili, and tomato, among others, which are light to consume. This food is a perfect alternative for vegan and vegetarian visitors.
 The price of this dish ranges from $ 3.00 to $ 5.00 USD.

Maito or Ayampaco

Typical Food Ecuadorian Amazon - Maito de Tilapia
Maito or also known as Yunkurak is a wrap cooked in bijao leaves that contains fish. Especially tilapia, accompanied with more ingredients from the Amazon such as yucca, plantain, or palm hearts and seasoned with some spices. This food draws a lot of attention to visitors for its exquisite taste and being healthy.
This typical food is an ancestral Shuar cooking recipe. Over time the cooking technique in sheets was dispersed throughout much of the region. The area where this typical dish is most consumed is in Morona Santiago province in the Oriente.
The standard Ayampaco price is $ 6.00 USD although it varies depending on the place.


Uchumanka means Pot of chili, it is a spicy soup that contains smoked fish or chicken, chili, palm hearts, muyu legs (white cocoa beans), and wild mushrooms. This food is accompanied with yucca and plantain, although sometimes versions with potatoes are found.
This food was prepared for special occasions or festivals in the communities. It can be found more frequently in Francisco de Orellana or the Amazonian communities.
 The approximate price of this dish is $ 5.00 USD.

Sapara soup

This dish is widely consumed in the Tena area. Its preparation is emblematic of the Amazon. It can also be found in areas of Peru with the name of Zarapatera.
It is made in the shell of a turtle, its main ingredients are river turtle meat, plantain and yucca.

Typical Beverages of Ecuadorian Amazon

Chicha de yuca and chontaduro

Ecuadorian Amazon Beverage - Chicha de yuca
Chicha is a fermented typical beverage of the Shuar people. It can be made with chontaduro and also with yucca. Which is one of the main foods of the indigenous populations. Men are in charge of harvesting the products while women are in charge of making the drink.
For indigenous communities, this beverage is offered by members of the communities to visitors as a symbol of friendship. It is also one of the most consumed beverages by the people of the Amazon as it helps them stay healthy.

Guayusa tea

Ecuadorian Amazon Beverage - Guayusa Tea
Guayusa is a native plant of the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. The infusion of its leaves has stimulating, energizing, and antioxidant properties that prevent the accelerated aging of cells.
The guayusa tea is very popular throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon. Is consumed by the inhabitants on a daily basis to combat fatigue and stress. Some people use it to combat rheumatism for its anti-inflammatory properties.


Shinchicara is a medicinal drink made from cane liquor, cat’s claw, guayusa, liana, lemon verbena and other herbs. This drink is used to combat rheumatism, rhinitis and arthritis.

Currently this Beverage is marketed in different places in the Ecuadorian Amazon with an approximate price of $ 10.00 USD per liter.

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