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The beautiful country of the four worlds; Ecuador is one of the most attractive destinations since in it we will find a variety of activities, adventures, experiences, and surprises. An ideal destination for those with an adventurous spirit, who are not afraid to participate, discover new and mysterious things. It is ideal for lovers of photography, as it will always be the right time to capture the exotic and beautiful landscapes of its four worlds. It has a very rich culture; we proudly claim to be a multi-ethnic country that leaves us with hundreds of traditions and legends that we will love to share with our visitors.

Beautiful places in Ecuador

Amazon Rainforest

We will start talking about the beautiful and unique Amazon considered as a natural treasure for us Ecuadorians. Here we can enter the jungle and feel like a natural paradise where so much beauty floods the landscapes. Its lush trees and rivers, being the habitat of hundreds of birds that will give us an unforgettable spectacle. Thousands of unique mammals that will leave us impacted. In addition, the most exotic animals such as tigrillos or even piranhas that we will find in the lagoon of Cuyabeno.

Mountain Range

Now, we are going to go a little further west of the country. We will have an Andean landscape that although, is a little cold; it will make us feel alive. In the mountains, as we advance along the roads, we will have unique active volcanoes as protagonists. The majestic Cotopaxi, the imposing Taita Chimborazo, the beautiful Quilotoa with its emerald waters, the white and unmistakable Cayambe or the protector of the capital the Ruco Pichincha, among others. In addition, flying over our skies, we will observe symbolic birds like the condor that with its size and elegance will leave us in amazement.

Ecuadorian Coast

Next to the mountains are the coasts; a unique region that is loved by everyone both for its beaches and for its delicious cuisine. Here as in all Ecuador we will find a unique fauna that will let us fall in love. A great example is the show where whales will dazzle us when we go out to sea. We will observe boobies that with their colors will leave us amazed. There are even some friendly turtles that we can have up close by participating in activities like snorkeling.

Galapagos Islands

Finally are the Galapagos Islands. Today it is a world heritage site, recognized for its majesty and for its endemic flora and fauna. In a dream natural paradise with formations of volcanic origin. Visiting the islands is to find a world completely different from the one we know, and always leaving us an idea of never wanting to leave. Here we can visit places as unique as a crack of crystal-clear waters where you can spend an unforgettable moment. We can observe unique species such as giant turtles, hundreds of iguanas, penguins, dolphins, even a lot of sharks.

In short, Ecuador is a place to travel at any cost. It is not enough to read or let them tell us all these wonderful experiences; we must live them, know them, and enjoy this paradise, this country of the four worlds.

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