Discovering Ambato and its surroundings

Ambato, known as the city of the three Johns, of flowers and fruits, and bread. We invite you to discover the wonderful city of Ambato and its surroundings.The best time to visit the city of Ambato is in the month of February. In this month, one of the most recognized carnivals of Ecuador is celebrated. This carnival is also called “The Festival of Flowers and Fruits”. The locals celebrate happily with parades, queens and huge floats decorated with flowers, fruits and bread. In addition, various folkloric groups from different parts of the world participate. Also, on your visit to the city you can admire the highest and most decorated balconies in the city.

Ambato and its surrondings


 It is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Ambato. It is known for being one of the only places in the country where you can try colada morada all year round. Here you can find inexpensive options ranging from 0.50 ctvs to $ 1. In addition, you can serve your delicious colada morada with empanadas de viento filled with cheese, meat, shrimp and chicken.

In Atocha you can also visit the Quinta de Juan León Mera. It is an emblematic place of the city, which brings history not only of Ambato, but of Ecuador. To get there you will have to cross the New Bridge from downtown to Atocha. In less than 5 minutes and right in front of the Pio X school, you will find the place.


To taste the best guinea pigs in the country, you only have to cross the Ficoa Bridge. At the end of the bridge you will have to go straight and at the top, you will have to turn left. There, you will find yourself on Los Guaytambos Avenue. Continue straight on until you reach the Santo Domingo de Guzman School and right in front of you will be the delicious roasted guinea pigs waiting for you. In this place the guinea pig is served with potatoes and peanut sauce. The price of this dish ranges from $7 – $10.

What to do at night in Ambato?

Also in Ficoa, the nightlife is very quiet. Guaytambos Avenue is very lighted, full of fast food restaurants, oriental, Ecuadorian and Mexican. In addition, you will find cafes, bars and liqueur shops.

What to do near Ambato?


Quisapincha is also known as the National Leather Capital and “cattle paradise”. In addition, here you can buy the best articles made with 100% leather. There are about 100 sewing workshops, where jackets, pants, hats, handbags, wallets and shoes are made.

If you are traveling with your family, one of the natural attractions is the Family Park. A must-see stop, it has several facilities such as a picnic area, barbecue area, a farm where children can feed the animals, an organic vegetable garden and a mini market where you can buy the freshest crops. There is also an area where you can ride your bike and basketball and soccer fields. Best of all, admission is free and you only have to pay for parking.


Have you heard that Ambato is famous for its bread? Well, in Pinllo you can find a bread that all Ambateños have been eating for breakfast for many years, baked in a wood oven.

If you have a large family or you simply love chicken, we recommend you to visit Pinllo’s hens. At Abaká you can try this delicious dish, prepared with boiled potatoes and peanut sauce. They also offer chicken soup, corn with cheese and mote with pork rinds. The prices are varied but very easy on the pocket.

To get to Pinllo you have to take the same entrance as to go to Quisapincha and Pinllo is midway.


Píllaro is 20 minutes from Ambato. To get there you must take Dr. Julio Castillo Jácome street and follow the road for 16 km. Surely you have heard of La diablada pillareña. From January 1 to 6 in the center of Píllaro you can see parades with various characters such as: Diablos, the main character of the parade, their masks are very large and made of wood. These masks can cost up to more than $ 400. Guarichas, they usually carry a bottle of liquor in their hands, they are usually men who dress as women. Capariches, they wear indigenous costumes, hats and use a metal mesh mask and a handkerchief on the head, is the one that opens the way in the parades. Finally, clowns, all of them dance to the sound of the town bands, invite to dance and offer liquor.


Just 30 minutes from Ambato on the road to Baños, when you see a sign that says Patate, turn left. Known as the valley of eternal spring where you can visit orchards with local fruits (avocados, lemons, tangerines, tangerines, tree tomatoes, babacos). In addition, you will find farms, inns with swimming pools, ideal to go with family and friends on a Sunday lunch in one of these places.

Baños de Agua Santa

One of the best places in this blog called discovering Ambato and its surroundings, could not miss the beautiful city of Baños.

Bungee jumping, canyoning and bicycle tours are some of the attractions that are part of the adventure tourism in Baños. These are some of the attractions that are part of the adventure tourism in Baños.

Agoyán, is the first stop of a route that is done in “chiva”. There are tours from $ 5, the popular transport for the inhabitants of Baños. It is characterized by the spectacle of its waters falling 40 meters high. Continuing with the tour, you can see “El Manto de la Novia” which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that Baños has, with an approximate fall of 40 meters high.

The adventure through the city of Baños cannot end without a visit to the hot springs that the municipality of Baños offers to its visitors. With 5 municipal spas, Baños offers its tourists baths in hot springs with temperatures ranging between 18 and 55° C. Undoubtedly, this activity will be something that will really relax you.

Pailón del Diablo

Is the most visited waterfall by domestic and foreign tourists, so it is a place you must visit. The entrance fee is $2 for adults and $1 for children.
To get to Baños, you must pass the industrial park, take the detour to the right by the uneven bridge and continue along the side pass, you will have to go through totoras, then Salasaca (there is a craft market if you like to visit it), then Pelileo ( Jeans sale) and finally Baños, just 1 hour from Ambato and everything is perfectly signposted.

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