Activities in Quito: Top 8 you must do!

Quito is a city characterized by its scenic beauty and heritage. Which combines a series of colonial and contemporary styles. Many people who visit Quito wonder: What activities can I do in Quito. So Real Dream Tour Operator has made a list of the best activities to do in Quito. And make your visit unique and unforgettable.

In order to make your visit more pleasant. It is necessary that you first know the following facts about Quito: 


Quito is the capital of Ecuador. This city is located at 2850 m (9350.39 ft) on the slopes of the Pichincha Volcano and is located very close to the Equator. Too, Quito has a subtropical climate with temperatures ranging between 9°C and 19°C.

How to get to Quito?

Once at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito. It is located approximately 1 hour from the Historic Center of Quito. To get there you can make use of the following transportation services:

  • Public bus

This is the most economical option to get from Quito Airport to the Historic Center of Quito. This service is provided by the companies Sotrano and Cosibo. Which connect with the Inter-parochial Terminal Rio Coca (north of Quito). And Interprovincial Terminal Quitumbe (south of Quito) respectively. The cost of this service is USD 2.00.

  • Aeroservice

An appropriate transport if you like more comfort (air conditioning and WiFi). Departs from Quito airport. Monday to Friday, every 30 minutes. And on weekends and holidays every hour. The cost of this service is USD 8.00.

  • Cab, Cabify, Uber

Outside Quito Airport you can find yellow cabs. You can also make use of mobile transportation apps like Cabify or Uber. Any of these three options give you the ease of moving to a specific point in the city. The cost from Quito Airport to the city center can be between USD 25 and 35.

How much time to visit Quito?

Quito is a very large city with many places to visit. Which means that you have a large list of activities for all tastes that can be done. So it is recommended that your visit is not less than three days.

So, What kind activities can you do in Quito?

The Quito city has many tourist attractions to visit and activities to do. Real Dream Tour recommended you to include these activities in your itinerary. You will have a wide perspective of the cultural, architectural, artistic, landscaping and gastronomic wide perspective.

Activities to do when you visit Quito

Activities Quito: Teleferico

The Teleferico gives you a view of the unique scenic beauty of the city of Quito. It is a tour of approximately 25 minutes. It ascend more than 2500 meters (8202,1 ft), arriving at an altitude of 3945 masl (12942,9 ft). Which is why it is considered one of the highest cable cars in the world.

If you want to complement your tour in Teleferico. You can do it a hike to the volcanoes Guagua Pichincha (4784 m.a.s.l/15695.54 ft) or Rucu Pichincha (4698 masl/15413.39 ft). It is worth mentioning than the Rucu Pichincha trail will also take you to the “Swing in the clouds”. Where you can take beautiful pictures with the city in the background. If you are a lover of more extreme activities, you can take your bike. And go downhill on the route that will take you back to the city.

The cost of the tickets are USD 6,50 for seniors, USD 7,00 for children under 18 year old and USD 8,50 for adults.

It is recommended that the walk to the trails be done with a certified guide. Teleferico has all the biosecurity measures. Such as: distancing, use of masks, hand disinfection y three people per cabin. Too, internal and external disinfection of the cabin.

The Middle of the World

If you visit the city of Quito, you should not forget to include in your activities visit the Middle of the World City. This place is well known by tourists, since you will be able to put your feet in both hemispheres at the same time. Besides its famous Equatorial Monument. The Middle of the World City also has several museums and restaurants for the delight of its visitors
But what is the most recommendable thing to visit in this small city? As mentioned before, the Middle of the World City has a several attraction to know depending on your tastes. If you like beer and its history, you can visit the Museum of Craft Beer. If your taste is for something sweeter you can visit Plaza del Cacao. Where you can taste products made with cocoa fine aroma.

Historic Center of Quito

Have you ever wondered, Why is the Historic Center of Quito considered a World Heritage Site? To answer your answer you should take a walking tour through the streets of the Colonial Center of the city. Even more if you are an architecture lover, because during your journey you will see several monasteries to the colonial era. Among the most important that we recommend you to visit are: Convent San Francisco, Company Church, Carondelet Palace, Basílica of the National Vow, Archbishop’s Palace, Museum of the city, among others.
The cost of these activities will vary according to the tourist attraction, for example: 
  • The Museum of the Convent of San Francisco
Located in Benalcazar and Chile Street has a cost of USD 3,00. Which includes a visit to the Fray Pedro Gocial Museum, Museum of the beer and the visit to the domes of the convent. It is worth mentioning that the museum has tour guides.
  • Company Church Known for its internal decoration in fol leaf
The entrance fee to this attraction is USD 5,00. Also has tour guides, this church is located between García Moreno and Sucre Streets.
  • Yumbos
Is an artisan chocolate store where they will explain about the process of cocoa to obtain chocolate. Besides tasting about 8 flavors of chocolate. The place is located on Benalcazar street in front of the Convent of San Francisco, the tasting is free. Anyway, the Historic Center of Quito is too big to name one by one the places to visit. Real Dream Tours takes you to them in its Quito City Tour and The Middle of The World.

Activities Quito: Nayon Xtreme Valley

If you like adventure activities, Nayon Xtreme Valley is your best option. Located 30 minutes from the city of Quito. We find this adventure park. Considered the largest park and most complete of Ecuador. In which you can generate a unique experience in the middle of nature while enjoying extreme sports.

Quito Markets

The markets of Quito are the best way to know the natural and gastronomic richness of Ecuador. Quito has a large number of markets that you can visit. Where you will have the pleasure of indulging in a variety of colors that stand out in their fruits and vegetables. As well as delight your palate with typical food or buy souvenirs made by artisan hands. 
Among the best markets that Real Dream Tours recommends are:
  • La Mariscal Artisan market
Which is located in the north center of Quito on Reina Victoria and Juan Leon Mera streets. It is a place where you can find all kinds of handicrafts such as: fabrics, embroidery, hats, leather bags and silver jewelry.
  • Tianguez
Located in Cuenca and Sucre streets, under the atrium of San Francisco. It is a museum, cafe-restaurant, market and indigenous arts exhibition center.
  • The Central Market
Is one of the most popular in the city, where you can observe the exuberance of the products harvested in Ecuador, as well as delight your palate with exquisite dishes of Ecuadorian cuisine.

Samay Collection

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion with your partner? Samay Collection makes your special occasion an unforgettable memory. Explore a unique moment in the middle of nature while enjoying a pleasant stay. Samay Collection offers you the comfort of a range of rooms and packages for you, your family and friends. It is located on Tulio Garzon and 1 de noviembre streets, in the Tababela sector.


In your tour to the Quito city , you should not forget your visit to the Panecillo. Which is a natural viewpoint of 3000 masl (9842 ft). Where you can access a panoramic view of the Historic Center of Quito and part of the north of the city . Being able to appreciate the immense contrast between the old city and the modern city.

In this site you can also admire a large monument that bears the name of the “Virgin of Quito” or also known as “Virgen del Panecillo”. Taking the latter name for its location. This monumental sculpture represents a biblical passage from the book of Revelation. Which describes a woman with wings, a chain that holds the snakes under her feet, representing the devil.

La Capilla del Hombre

Located in the neighborhood of Bellavista, in the streets Mariano Calvache E18-94 and Lorenzo Chavez, we find this wonderful attraction known as La Capilla del Hombre. A cultural complex that shows the artistic trajectory of Oswaldo Guayasamin. Works that portray pain, anger, tenderness, protes and dream in tribute to the ecuadorian artist
The entrance fee to this majestic place is USD 8,00 for adults, USD 4,00 for seniors, students and people with disabilities. The hours of operation are from Monday to Sunday from 10h00 to 17h00 except on holiday. 
In this place you will find tour guides that will give you all the information about the pieces that the museum has.

These are the best activities that we recommend to make your visit to the city of Quito. A unique and unforgettable experience. And tell us: What activities do you still have to do? or What attractions would you like to visit?

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